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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 5,930 (some duplicates have been removed), and click on news about books. >> up next on booktv, charlene meyers recounts the united nations search for a location for its headquarters from 1944 to 1946. [applause] >> thank you very much. thanks for coming, everyone. while we change the slides in the front, let me say thanks to all of you. those of us who write and do research are dependent on a vast network of support, and i want to express a public thanks to archivists, to historians, colleagues and friends and the editors and publishers who helped me on the journey that i'm going to be speaking with you about tonight. um, and i want to start out by saying something you probably have never heard at the beginning of a history lecture which is that it's okay to laugh. as the cartoon on the screen suggests, there are some laughable moment toss the story -- moments to the story that we're going to be thinking together about tonight. some of it is going to strike you as a little bit funny, and it is from our vantage point. tonight we're thinking back to the years 1944-'46, the end of the second world war and the transition to peace.
>> good evening commissioners. we are with security and we are working with live nation as well. before i start i want to point out that we do a lot of different events and different venues. this is really a sailing event. so the type of crowd that we are attracting is a mellow crowd. it makes this event more enjoyable for all kinds of ages. also live nation has done a great job of picking out the type of talent does greatly with this type of event from a security standpoint our job is not going to be that difficult. we are dealing with a great crowd and everything seems to be okay. a few things real quick, i would like to commend and acknowledge the live nation organization. they have gotten everything down to detail. there is no surprises and we don't have anything unexpected happen and we are one step ahead of the game. this event definitely has enough space. pier 27, 29 is newly renovated and up to code so we don't have to worry about other things that come with old property or old land. the capacity plans seem to be great. they are estimate the capacity low for the stadium
. the comment now on the amendments that you have received from live nation that came in an hour-and-a-half ago. i think those comments in general were responsive to the concerns that the neighborhood steering committee had raised several days ago however there is one concern that is outstanding and that is no. 5 with the possible use of pier 27 and 29 as a concert venue in the long-term. we understand the contract situation with live nation and understand what is supposed to happen under the contract and certainly will happen at the end of october. there is a number of residents in the neighborhood who do not want to see any concerts at all, not this summer, not next year, whatever. they are not in that category. so we think there does need to be an amendment on item no. 5 and recommend on a 3rd line in the end striking within the foreseeable future and strikeing the phrase proximate in size. with those amendments that would remove my concerns and give the citizens of the northeast water front comfort. in the end we want a successful america's can -- cup for local residents. >> hi, i'm in ma
advantage point. we think that the years 1944 to 46, the end of the second world war and hatred nation to peace. in the midst of the transition, when as many pressing issues for the road to face, story of a fantastic idea that there should be a capital of the world, a place that be the center for diplomacy, but a place that would house the united nations could be grander. it might be its own identity, sun city or an expansive suburb. it might be that the world's fair for her b-day cake upon the fashion on this bp are convinced they get the impression people working team of the emerald city as they were thinking about the capital of the world in 1845. but this is the story we are entering an two. if they were to the capital of the world, where would it be? this is a proposition american cities and towns could not resist, including philadelphia, but also many others. no one announced a competition, least about the united nations, better race began even before the u.n. officially it is to come a race began to get the attention of the world diplomats and when the price of becoming the cap
for this project and also letters from dwellers with their expressed concern and there are letters from live nation and just received a new letter from the america's cup live nation folks. anyway, all these letters are responding to the concerns raised by the neighbors. we also received a number of letters, possibly a hundred of support. >> okay. welcome. i think you have to use the other mic. >> sorry. >> president commissioners lee, perez, hyde and akers, thank you for your time. i'm the chief operating officer for live nation in northern california. we are requesting a permit for the 5 months of america's cup pavilion that we have partnered on for the summer of racing in 2013. >> what is the most musical city in america? san francisco. over 2,000 artist. the arts are incredibly important in san francisco and incredibly unique for this city to not have an outdoor am theatre. we are excited about this although a temporary one on this site. who are we? live nation is formally bill gram presents. we have been in san francisco for almost 50 years. conspiracy pub, amnesty international, conquer pav
to explore into the unknown. it has allowed us to become the strongest nation in the world. but what ie driving force behind freedom? education. without education, great men would not dare to speak up. out education, our forefathers would not be able to establish a free nation. that is why i believe education is the most important element in our nation. they say we lived in an increasingly global society. i wanted to know how american students ranked of a global scale. we wereu look at where several decades ago versus where 26are now, we are now 21, the nation's in science, reading and math. there is no doubt we are in the midst of a crisis. >> i decided to get a second ofnion with the headmaster the school. >> we are number two in the amount spent per pupil in the world and mb and yet we are falling behind further and further when it comes to our international ranking in education. . graders,ne hundred 9th only 70 will graduate from high school. inwill go on to college, all 30 students will enroll in the second year of college and only 21 will graduate from a four- year institution in
by their but idge. >> i level of concern about the federal debt is high. >> the nations that is the most significant problem. >> when you have a total national government debt that is the size of the national economy, you have a problem. our debt exceeds the size of the economy. it is over $16 trillion of gdp. of the problem is what has happened over the last several years with the recession. the recession led to declines in tax revenues. congress introduced tax cuts that caused the deficit to grow and we had federal government spending -- the newest spending that was -- stimulus spending that was higher than was the case before the recession. >> the recession hit and the debt skyrocketed. what caused the debt to reach a high point russia mark >> -- to reach a high point? >> the american people. we want welfare spending. we won all of the spending of the government spending and we do not want to pay the bill. >> this is like going to the mall with your dad's credit card. it is fun. you go shopping. maybe there are limitations, but in the end you are not the one paying. you have to think of it diffe
. >> to create a national database of the mental ill. >> i'm offering a third choice. fortify our schools. update the school design to match the dangerous time we live in. finally, implement metal detectors. these may not completely eradicate weapons invading our schools but at least we would know that we took that extra step, we took the extra mile to prevent it from happening. an international business leader and high school teacher grew up in the land of egypt. >> also overseas, i've seen it in many countries such as egypt, saudi arabia, france, spain, all over europe, the fence is a brick fence. there's just one gate or two gates and there are always security people there, they know who is coming in, who is going out. it is extremely important. >> school resource officer jewett commerce. >> we need to redesign schools to make it harder to get access. change the access points, if you want metal detectors, make it easier to cover all the students. in this school, there are 20 or 30 ways into the schools. there's no way to cover all those areas. >> but by far the biggest security problem is clas
to explain that a little bit. this is our 40th anniversary of having a national park in san francisco. so, those strikev lands at the golden gate hills right behind that helicopter there are now part of the golden gate national parks. and that happened 40 years ago when the army decided that those lands were no longer necessary for national defense. so, that strategic entrance to this harbor was the last land that our troops and sailors and marines and soldiers would see if they departed for the pacific theater in world war ii and korea and vietnam, and also the first thing they would see upon returning back to the bay area. so, between the presidio and the head lands, we now have wonderful park lands that have been converted. we call it converting from post to park. repurposing those lands from national defense to environmental defense. and i believe it is probably the most accessful base conversion in the united states. if you haven't been to the presidio, i think you should try and make that. if you're from out of town, it's a spectacular transition there. so, these golden gate nationa
. ♪ ♪ >> in this fabulously beautiful persidio national park and near golden gate and running like a scar is this ugly highway. that was built in 1936 at the same time as the bridge and at that time the presidio was an army and they didn't want civilians on their turf. and the road was built high. >> we need access and you have a 70 year-old facility that's inadequate for today's transportation needs. and in addition to that, you have the problem that it wasn't for site extenders. >> the rating for the high viaduct is a higher rating than that collapsed. and it was sapped quite a while before used and it was rusty before installed. >> a state highway through a federal national park connecting an independently managed bridge to city streets. this is a prescription for complication. >> it became clear unless there was one catalyst organization that took it on as a challenge, it wouldn't happen and we did that and for people to advocate. and the project has a structural rating of 2 out of 100. >> you can see the rusting reinforcing in the concrete when you look at the edges now. the deck has steel reinforcing th
of our company. >> the debt affects all of us. the nation is on the road to dallas -- two banker secured >> balance the budget now. >> it is a very big, political policy decision. does create large deficits into the future. we must reduce the deficit. >> it would affect a lot of people in a lot of different ways. >> it is time that we raise the bar. >> deficit is our our economy -- >> i'm pretty sure it has to do with the economy and the government. >> lack of something. debt. a debt that we can't pay. >> i really have no idea. although much of the younger generation is unaware of what he does that is, it is a factor in the nation, economy, and our future. >> stairmaster president, in order for the united states to the life ofbe in freedom and liberty, the growing deficit and debt should be the most important issue to consider in your presidential journey. isat the moment, our future a dilemma. in school, extracurriculars like athletics and art is part of our preparation for a better future. it is important to us. >> in the united states, the economy is a significant part of our society.
of supervisors. good to see everyone and mr. president. i'm a national outreach coordinator. i'm flown in from charring let to present an event friday through thank you. it's a free event. all the major lenders travel around the united states with us we've been in san francisco this is our fourth time. we have a 65 to 70 percent success rate. the homeowners can meet their lenders and get a modification. the only thing they pay for is to get their situation resolved. we have a purchase program it's based on reference there's no money for down apartment. they can come to the event and get that process started. we would like to get you to come out and see what the banks are doing for your citizens. as well as you might pass this information on to the residents. register online for the event. we want to help those. again, i'm darryl national outreach coordinator. thank you very much. thank you >> next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors my name is douglas. unfortunately, the dead man's occurs continues. i use for example the bay bridge i wonder how much that's going to be costing us in the fo
as well as live nation. we also acknowledge the community input and by live nation. live nation has reached out to san francisco police department on many occasions and we've talked about actual erection of the structure as well as the logistics including sound, alcohol licensing, hour of operations, security plan, traffic control and generally quality of life issues that are refltd -- relevant to the neighborhood. with that said, the san francisco police department can committed to facilitating and executing conditions or modification that resolve from their agreement between the community as well as live nation. >> thank you. any questions? >> okay. i suppose we have some public comment coming. if you lineup on this side of the room, just come up to the podium and you will be followed by the next speaker. >> good evening. i represent a group i submitted a letter to you on wednesday. i will give you an additional copy of it. i have a new letter today. i have 6 copies of it which attaches a study by acoustic engineer which goes to the point in my may 27th letter that under -- the
moment of change. from sandy hook to san francisco, our entire nation is impacted by gun violence on a daily basis. earlier today, the san franciscos family whos who are also impacted by gun violence met privately with the newtown families and shared their grief and hope for a better tomorrow. thank you for joining us today. i have worked with conway, in many capacities to create a environment that supports innovation and we are in many regards the innovation capitol of the world and i am so proud to see this effort launched here today. as mayor, i have focused on jobs, as a top priority and making sure that our youth get quality education and training them to be able to compete for the jobs of the 21st century economy. the fact is and i have said this often, you can't give a job to a dead youth. you can't tell that youth not to lose hope. and that they can succeed no matter where you come from for too long. we have seen too much violence in our communities and it must end. yesterday i signed into law the nation's first ban on possession of halopoint ammunition in san francisco. w
of national parks. conservationist and writer wallace stegner called the national parks, "americas best idea". wallace stegner wrote the wilderness letter in 1960. [sandra day o'connor] wallace stegner at the end of his life was disillusioned with how the west had allowed development to overtake its natural beauties and its natural bounty in favor of development. [narrator] wallace stegner described a concept called "the geography of hope". he believed wilderness was necessary even if one never traveled to it. it's important just to know it's there. [robert redford] he saw the wilderness and preservation of the wilderness, and i agree with this, as the reason to preserve it because it told us who we are as a people, and as a nation. [page stegner] it generated a lot of activity, which lead, ultimately, to the passage of the wilderness act. [narrator] the wilderness act was created by congress in 1964. [senator bob bennett] wilderness designation is, perhaps, the most severe designation that congress can put on a piece of land in terms of anybody using it, or accessing it. [william meadows] p
violence in our communities and it must end. yesterday i signed into law the nation's first ban on possession of halopoint ammunition in san francisco. we worked closely with supervisor cohen to introduce this legislation. these extra deadly bullets have no place in our streets. we are also creating an early warning system to alert us when individuals make massive purchases of ammunition, because even if there is a remote possibility we can prevent another tragedy, we are morally bound to do so. and we must support president obama and senator finestien comprehensive effort to reform the gun laws, i support state and federal effort to keep the weapons off of our streets and out of our homes. i have directed our city agencies and law enforcement officials to move towards plans of action, to prioritize and create solutions that impact policy changes and take aggressive actions against the moment egregious types of gun violence and we are working hard and making more plans for more deeper, more wider gun buy back programs and events that will take place later this year. but no singl
permit on the 27 and 29 site nor will it for the foreseeable future. live nation has worked closely with the america's cup to create a neighborhood steering committee and we are excited about working with the steering committee by having direct meetings to see what we can do better in the neighborhood. my last slide is the future of pier 27, 29. showing ground transportation here where the theatre would be is for grounds transportation moving forward. thank you. >> all right. thank you. any questions from the commission? okay. >> hi, thank you so much for coming. i understand this is an outreach for the community. we appreciate that. my question about sound you say you are going to have an engineer to monitor the sound. would that be done throughout the day, would you have somebody testing the sound every two hours. how does that take place? >> we are in 2 different areas, a is to hire ambient noise reading and the same thing on the first 2 events as well as other events during the summer and measure the sound with an a 1 audio engineer. >> maybe we can hear from the police departme
and military national security personnel in the basement of the white house judge,as prosecutor, jury, and executioner. going down a list of americans, deciding for,who shall live and who shall die, pursuant to a process and by standards no one understands. our government, in speeches given by the attorney general, john brennan, can myself, makes official disclosures of large amounts of information about its efforts and the legal basis for those efforts, but it is never enough because the public does not know what it does not know what it knows there are things the government is still withholding from them. the revelation 11 days ago that the executive branch does not claim the authority to kill an american noncombatant, something that was not and should never be an issue is big news and trumpeted as a major victory for congressional oversight. a central filibusters' the government's secrecy is compared to jimmy stewart. at the same time, through a continual unauthorized leaks, our government looks to the american public as undisciplined and hypocritical. one federal court has charact
francisco police department. i would like to start by commending live nation and the neighborhood steering committee. we feel that at least in my experience this is probably one of the best practices we've between two organizations and they keep the lines open of communication which has been productive as you see on march 29th, they continue to make amendments which are a benefit to the community as well as live nation. we also acknowledge the community input and by live nation. live nation has reached out to san francisco police department on many occasions and we've talked about actual erection of the structure as well as the logistics including sound, alcohol licensing, hour of operations, security plan, traffic control and generally quality of life issues that are refltd -- relevant to the neighborhood. with that said, the san francisco police department can committed to facilitating and executing conditions or modification that resolve from their agreement between the community as well as live nation. >> thank you. any questions? >> okay. i suppose we have some public comment coming
. he may be considered average or below average, but the nation deserves better than this partisan rush to judgment. guest: one thing worth noting is that history does change a lot of times. people who are down in history can be judged later and have a renaissance. sometimes when history changes, world events change. perceptions of a president can change. 35% view george w. bush in a positive light. right now there seems to be a negative judgment, but it remains to be seen if it changes over time. certainly his political legacy is going to be front and center at this library being unveiled on thursday. host: he says he hopes that jeb bush runs for president. guest: that is what a good brother should always do. all indications are that jeb bush may be thinking about a al whether he decides to make a run is something we will find out later on. we have a lot of time before 2016. there is this early jockeying taking place. we talked about rand paul earlier, marco rubio and his maneuverings. is a fascinating story, but we will not have any kind of definite conclusion for another couple of ye
or modification that resolve from their agreement between the community as well as live nation. >> thank you. any questions? >> okay. i suppose we have some public comment coming. if you lineup on this side of the room, just come up to the podium and you will be followed by the next speaker. >> good evening. i represent a group i submitted a letter to you on wednesday. i will give you an additional copy of it. i have a new letter today. i have 6 copies of it which attaches a study by acoustic engineer which goes to the point in my may 27th letter that under -- the eir was certified in january of 2012, not in march. so the board of supervisors did not approve something from a sequel standpoint from march 2012 that consist of 10,000 seating capacity concerts and up to 40 concerts. that's simply a misunderstanding of how sequel works. so because it was certified in january, the scope of this concert series 2 months later is not part of the eir. when the the permit is issued to implement that change, that's the point in this case the entertainment commission has to decide whether to prepare a summar
and surprisingly sometimes pineapple. the meal is served to eisenhower when they planned the nation of europe and of course caviar. he was thrilled with john denton county are are brought it back as a gift for the soviet union. churchill that small portions. when traveling he had his meal served on his tummy time, not on the clock. churchill that connects. whatever they please with the weather of wartime. there's another photo showing him in a three-piece suit, sitting on a rock by the side of the road. he picnicked with roosevelt at height dark on the banks of the right with his generals and in the north african desert with friends. he established his own picnicked rituals, and do theatrically sick and old joe's controversies that could only be recited as picked acts. much has been said about churchill alcohol, some of it true, most not, some exaggerated. i go into detail about his drinking habit. roosevelt had been told churchill was a chart, a charge one or two of his critics repeated. churchill did consume more alcohol than we are used today, but not a great deal of the standards of his c
posted the coverage. this is just over an hour. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captions performed by national captioning institute] it is 11:00 a.m. the congregation will stand. many services have been performed here in st. paul's cathedral. the music of david croft. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ they are directly under the dome of st. paul's cathedral. the service begins with the reverend david -- of st. paul's cathedral. >> we come to this cathedral today to remember before god, margaret thatcher. to give thanks for her life and work and commend her into god's hands. he recalled with great gratitude her leadership of this nation. her courage. her steadfastness. and her resolve to accomplish what she believed to be right for the common good. we remember the values by which she lived. the ideals she embraced. her dignity, her diligence, her courtesy, and her personal concern for the well-being of individuals. as we remember, so we rejoice in the lifelong companionship she enjoyed with dennis and we pray for her family, her friends and for all who mourn her pa
'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead. th planning. the bomb making. the execution. could the tsarnaev brothers re own? according to a members ofss the answer is no. his picture has been inter butrí we didn't have any idea of what dzhokhar tsarnaev actually sound now. unguarded moment. the world lead. ghost money. tens of millions of u.s. reportedly slipped to the office of the afghan president off the oks. could it have ended up in the hands ofhe very enemies our troops are fighting? good afternoon. we're coming to you live from copley square in boston. on the national lead today, it's a thought entirely the boston bombing suspects have help plotting their vicious attacks? and if so real mastermind still out there it ready t ans, are raising thatility. they made the rounds on sunday ta tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev actedthink, given the level of sophistication of this device the fact that the pressure cooker is a signature device that goes back to pakistan/afghanistanhandled these devices theft that there w trainer. >> the real test omwf it, wh
annenberg media ♪ annenberg media ♪ schoumacher: it was the 1920s. most of the nation seemed to be experiencing an era of unprecedented prosperity. what then could force tens of thousands of farmers to abandon their land? 1932, the depth of the great depression. while many of the poor went hungry, why were farmers dumping thousands of gallons of milk? since 1933, we have subsidized farming in america. is that a good idea? and who benefits? the small farmer, big agribusiness, or, at the end of the chain, the consumer? the story of the american farmer is one of the great ironies of the modern era. incredibly productive, but frequently unprofitable. it's a story that too often ends like this. "perfect competition and inelastic demand: can the farmer make a profit?" economic analyst richard gill and i will examine that question on this edition of "economics u$a." i'm david schoumacher. you can see the forces that control a farmer's economic wellbeing at work here at this farmers' market. taken together, it demonstrates a concept that economists call "perfect competition." in othe
place of entertainment permit to live nation regarding concerts associated with the america's cup >> ms. cane. >> i was motioning to you. i think it would be good to read the rest of the item here. >> this commission will modify conditions or taking other actions pertaining to a number of permitting concerts ending time of concerts including curfew extensions, limits of concerts, dismantling of improvements and restoration of site including america's cup events. future application by live nation for a similar permit and live nation to work with city agencies on draft neighborhood and parking plan for permitted concerts. >> thank you. so just as review what you will see in your binder are three documents. one is the action that the commission took at the last meeting in the form of a letter addressed to live nation with bullet points regarding those conditions that were approved by the commission as conditions to the conditional grant. you will also see then a letter sent to the office i think dated april 10 -- requesting additional action by the commission, and then lastly we have
. it is a death trap. folks, this report, which gives a comprehensive assessment of a nation's infrastructure was released in march, but i just got it because the delivery truck spent four days stuck in a pothole. ( laughter ) be proud, nation. because we have boosted our grade in all 16 infrastructure subjects, except for 10 of them. ( laughter ). for more, we turn to the first name in crumbling, cnn. jim. >> six categories saw improvement. bridges, railroads, drinking water, solid waste, and wastewater. solid waste earned the highest grade on the report, a b-minus-- go, solid waste. ( applause ) ( laughter ). >> stephen: yes, yes. go solid waste. speaking of which, tucker carlson is the new host of "fox & friends weekend." go, tucker. according to the report, we can now proudly say that only 25% of our nation's bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. that's right. there is a three-in-four chance if you drive across a bridge, you will make it to the other side. and america can hold its head high, knowing when it comes to our nation's levees, 8% are in acceptable conditi
tomorrow 7:00 a.m. eastern time. enjoy the rest of your day. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> defense secretary chuck hagel speaks today at the national defense university at fort mcnair here in washington d.c. he plans to discuss this dj and fiscal challenges. we will have live coverage of his remarks starting at 12:30 p.m. eastern. president obama heads to colorado today. he will talk about the state's newly passed gun control laws. he will be at the denver police academy to for universal background checks as well as for congress to at least vote on assault weapons ban and limit some large capacity magazines. it begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern and we will have live coverage here on c-span. tonight, a look at protest troops in america. we recently talked with the code pink cofounder on how protest movements fit into the political discussion. we want to get your reaction to the conversation with your phone call, tweets, and facebook comments. a brief look at what you will see. >> i am
you had been thinking about the suffrage movement. guest: that national women's party pushed equal rights back in 1920. it was considered in the united states in the 1970's and died in the 1980's. we learn from richmond, virginia, that the issue did not go away. it is still on the agenda. it is very exciting. host: david meyer is sociology and political science professor at the university of california- irvine. his book is "the politics of protest." thank you for spending time with us this evening on c-span. guest: it was my pleasure. host: a reminder, the conversation continues on line or feel free to post your comments on the role of political protest groups in the political discussion. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [indiscernible] night, another call- in program regarding veterans health care issues. it begins at 8 p.m. eastern with , connecticutz veterans affairs department. at 9 p.m., we will take your calls live. omorrow night here onh c-span. up, defense secretar
at the african-american muslim movement, sometimes called the black muslim movement, nation of islam. and we're just absolutely thrilled- later in this class, we have imam wd mohammed, who will come in and handle not just questions about african-american muslim movement, but islam in general, so that's really something to look forward to. what i wanted to do was to set this up, if we could go to the graphics, to look at one of our key themes. now, not just speaking about the nation of islam here, we're speaking about islam and religion in general, as is our way in this class, but we think about identity and relationship. well, what if we talked about identity and self-esteem and relationship as empowerment? that's what i think we're seeing when we're talking about the african-american muslim movement. in other words, identity is self-esteem- a person must feel good about themselves- and relationship is about empowerment. and i'm- you know, this is not the gospel truth here, as always- i'm working with some ideas that we're familiar with, so we can try to make sense of this powerful doctrinal
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 5,930 (some duplicates have been removed)